(Photo Credit: Ian Filipovic )
Rising indie-pop duo chemical club return with new single "Brave In My Arms". With catchy bass lines and jangly guitar riffs, the mid-tempo groovy song is a motivational message about finding fulfillment within yourself in the months after the end of a long-term relationship: ‘So I’m brave in my arms / Braver than I’ve been in any other arms / Before today’.

“This sixth album moves the needle on again, while never losing sight of his brilliance as a songwriter... Being Somewhere carries a gentle wisdom, filled with kindness... It’s like being given a cozy sonic hug while the world’s storms rage outside.” - MOJO

“Full of kindness and empathy, the Vancouver songwriter's latest serves as a gentle reminder to appreciate what you have before it's gone.” - RANGE Magazine

“Being Somewhere showcases some of Mangan’s finest writing couched in some of the most atmospheric arrangements to appear in his catalogue. From the Spartan, piano-driven Just Know It with its subtle harmonies to All Roads driving atmospherics, the production is meticulous.” - Vancouver Sun

“Dan Mangan’s sixth album strikes a fine balance between the quiet intimacy of his best work and Bon Iver’s most fractalized folktronica... The likes of ‘Fire Escape’ and ‘All Roads’ provide warmth and immediacy without disrupting the delicate mood.” - Uncut

Today, Dan Mangan is sharing the bouncy new single, “Find New Ways”, which bluntly put is “about haunting my wife should I happen to die first,” he says. “The idea that even death can’t help our relationship from evolving and unfolding in new and unexpected ways. Lustful love is part of the journey, but most of a life together is actually about friendship. It’s about having a person. And not just staying with that person because you said you would, but finding new ways to appreciate their contribution to your life."


JUNO Award nominated and Polaris Music Prize shortlisted album Being Somewhere, cuts incisively but never forgets its underlying thesis: It’s cool to care. Mangan arms the rebels in the crusade for tenderness. The album is a combative plea for mercy from a manic world and its effects on the psyche. Whittling his sharpest pen to date, Being Somewhere is marked by Mangan’s singular wit and a respectful deference to the quagmire of existence.

“I wanted this album to feel like the inside crook of a familiar elbow on the nape of your neck, a comforting embrace” says Mangan, “These songs are tenderhearted and unfurl like an overdue conversation with a dear friend. They essentially lay out where we’re at, how I’m doing, and how I think I can help."




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